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Digital marketing suite including online, mobile, geofencing, targeted demographics...all integrated into a seemless prospect funnel for maximum conversions.


Prefilled information, artificial intelligence, low resistance interactions and cognitive ease- on any device or interface.


Standardized data collection that integrates with most management systems and marketing platforms. Direct integration with carriers and raters.


What good is driving traffic to your site and marketing like crazy, if customers bounce or don’t engage?  What good are slick interfaces and apps if you don’t have traffic? Do all customers follow the same process? Today’s agencies need flexible solutions to appeal to the maximum number of potential prospects.  Our engagement suite of digital marketing and conversion tools provide that solution. 

Each engagement form uses artifical intelligence, 3rd party data, and simple intuitive functionality to collect what prospects are willing to provide without being invasive or lengthy.

The goal is to get the information needed to provide an accurate quote- including limits, prefilled vehicles/drivers, prefilled ISO GL and NCCI WC codes, and much much more. Better yet, we are just getting started. Our vision for agencies is a robust capacity to compete with online captives, so customers get the convenience of digital engagement with one irreplaceable element…YOU!

Auto Policy
Intuitively requests everything needed for quotes.
Driver Info
Vehicle Info
Pulls vehicle data from VIN

How does it work?

What good is driving traffic to your site if customers bounce or don’t engage? Our solution provides plug-n-play (meaning they’ll work with any website) engagement forms for multiple lines of business. Once purchased you’ll be provided links (or URL’s) dedicated to your agency. You simply add these URL’s to a button or hyperlink on your site in the “line specific” locations (Example – add the auto link to your auto page), or ask your website provider to do it for you. When users visit your site they’ll have a simple way to interact with your site providing detailed, quotable information. It’s that easy! Watch the video to the right to see how intuitive these tools really are. 

Mobile Responsive– Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone…the fields rearrange for maximum ease of use on any device.

Artificial Intelligence– Our decades of agency experience and understanding of the industry allows us to build conditional logic functions that skip unnecessary or redundant questions while drilling down for more detail when necessary.

Internal Efficiency- a hidden gem that slides under the radar is that the same tools that make it easy for customers to provide information can also be used internally. This ensures consistency and accuracy when your agents are collecting data from customers.

Modular Design-  we consolidate various open source platforms and then optimize/customize them for the insurance industry. As more technology evolves, your conversion tools will too.

Cognitive Ease- Smaller bits of information at a time are easier to process and understand. The use of collapsible sections and screen progressions make large amounts of data appear less intimidating to the user.

Workflow Integration- I know…we read your mind!  Not every agency is passing data digitally to/from your CRM or marketing campaigns…at least not yet….but if you are, YES, we can do that.

What's Included?

Personal Lines

Included Forms
  • Auto
  • Boat
  • Home
  • Life
  • Motorcycle & RV
  • Umbrella
  • Bonus Forms

Commercial Lines

Included Forms
  • Builders Risk
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bonus Forms


Just a little something exta!
  • Policy Change
  • Contact Us Form
  • Evidence of Insurance
  • Certificate Request

Live Rating & Comparative Rating Integration


Engagement Suite

For Agencies heavily focused on personal lines
$ 19
  • Personal Lines Forms
  • Bonus Forms

Engagement Suite

For Agencies heavily focused on commercial lines
$ 29
  • Commercial Lines Forms
  • Bonus Forms

Personal & Commercial

For Agencies that do it all!
$ 39
  • Personal Lines Suite
  • Commercial Lines Suite
  • All Bonus Forms
Best Form Value


Build brand awareness & drive local traffic.
$ 199
  • Includes Combo Engagement Suite
  • Generic Insurance Campaign
  • Geofencing Targeted Ads
  • Adword Campaign Setup
  • Adword Campaign Management
  • $500 Maximum Ad Budget
Most Popular

The Whole

Cover every base with tools built for your business.
$ 349
  • Includes the Half Enchilada
  • Unlimited Ad Budget
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Coming Soon- Directory LOB Listings
  • Coming Soon- Social Media Templates

Canopy Connect

Customer Data Sharing Perk
$ 99
Coming Soon

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